Sunday, September 6, 2009


Meet Super Why

Lawson thinks Super Why is super cool!!! Every morning he wakes up and says "WHY!!!!". To him, there is no better way to wake up than to watch Super Why solve super big problems one "super story adventure" at a time! This morning was no different. He woke up, requested "Why" and gave me 20 minutes to make coffee and protein shakes for breakfast as he went into a trance staring at the tv. When it was over, Lawson climbed up to sit with his dad for a while and their conversation went like this:

Lawson: (flying motion with hands and awesome sound effects) Why!!! Fly!!!! Daddy!!! Fly!!!! Yea!!!! (translation: Daddy and Super Why both fly, which is apparently really exciting.)

Dustin: Is Why super???

Lawson: Yeah!!!

Dustin: Am I super???

Lawson: Yeah!!!

Me: Am I super???

Lawson: Poo Poo

Translation: Daddy and Super Why both fly and are super. Mommy is a big pile of poo. That's just super!!!


  1. We're huge fans of super why over here too. Marcus "zzzzzzAP!"'s everything :)

  2. This is maybe my favorite post so far. Very witty and cute. Lawson is getting better and better at communicating!