Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cheese, Up Please!!!

Ever since Naomi came screaming into the world, Lawson has been saying "up" a lot. He's always wanted up a lot, but my arms became quite a hot commodity when they wrapped around another little person and suddenly he wanted up all the time. Luckily, I have one arm for each kid and they can both be up together. Lawson also started saying "up" to Naomi a lot. He's wanted to hold her since we brought her home and he saw all of his cousins holding her. But, an unpredictable and wild toddler and a floppy-headed newborn did not go together, so he's had to wait. As time has gone on, Naomi has gotten sturdier and Lawson has gotten pretty good about being gentle around her. One afternoon as they sat side-by-side in the big chair, Lawson said "up" and I said "yes". His eyes sparkled and he could hardly contain himself! He sat really still and held out his arms and as I laid her across his lap, a look of pride spread across his face like I've never seen before. He stroked her hair and gave her kisses and smiled from ear to ear. He was such a proud big brother and took such good care of his little Num Num!

Lawson is also becoming quite the little photographer! I suppose that having a camera in your face every day of your life would create a little interest in taking pictures. For his birthday, his grandparents and Aunt and Uncle got him a camera. He got lots of other great presents. Books, shoes (the boy LOVES shoes), stuffed animals, puzzles, the list goes on. He loves all of them and got very excited to open them, but when he saw that camera, the world stopped! It was all he could do to contain himself. He opened it up, looked at it for a minute and when he realized what it was, he yelled "CHEESE!!!!!!!". I'll have to post some of the pictures he's taken when I get them on the computer and weed out all the close-ups of the carpet, but for now, here's Lawson hiding behind the camera like his momma does!

Who knows, maybe with a second photographer in the family now, I may actually show up in a picture or two!


  1. Oh I so have to get Marcus one of those cameras!!! And this post made me tear up a bit *sniffle*

    P.S. did you update my blog in your list? I just got a whole new blog cuz it bugged me being private. it's

  2. SO CUTE!! I can see the pride in his eyes:)

  3. I wish I could have witnessed Lawson hearing "yes" and getting to hold Naomi in person but glad you got pictures! Lawson looks quite proud and pleased.