Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seasons of Change

I'm missing spring a little bit now that we're heading into fall. I want flowers and rain and the prospect of an entire summer with a new baby back. This spring, spending my last few months with Lawson as an only child and looking forward to Naomi's arrival was wonderful. I spent day after day feeling her kick and watching Lawson grow into what would soon become a big brother. It makes my chest ache thinking about it. I went to sleep each night reminding myself to slow down and enjoy life in it's current state because each day seemed to have gone by quicker than the last. It's only sped up faster and somehow we have reached the end of summer and the end of Naomi's newborn phase. She sat up without me holding her today and that made me sit up and take notice that she was no longer that fresh little baby with the frog legs and tight fists. And that made me long for time to slow down. She no longer wears her tiny little newborn diapers, she rolls over, she "talks' to me all the time and takes naps on her own just like her brother. I also put away a big box of clothes Lawson has grown out of and realized that he's nearly three feet tall. I don't put a big cuff in his jeans like I did just a few weeks ago and new words are coming out of his mouth all the time. He looks like a little kid and just yesterday he was my baby!

Seasons are changing, the kids are growing and time isn't slowing down for anything. And although it all happens gradually, sometimes it slaps me in the face and grips my heart with the realization of what has already passed while I was busy with life.

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  1. :cry: that totally could have been a post from me