Friday, September 11, 2009


I began this morning with a JOLT of caffeinated goodness that has been working on me like a little army of energy. Just having said "ta-ta" to my latest photography muse, I'm trying hard to get my fridge restocked and the surfaces inside my house clean, as my father-in-law is headed North on the train to help install our wood floors. BUT, my brain is racing around faster than a Sprint car and keeping me from being fully productive. The sun is shining outside and calling me name. I hope we make it out for a walk later, but for now... nose to the grindstone! Enough with this swirling mess of thoughts. It's time to focus on my kids, my messy house and our menu for the next week. If I'm lucky, my mind can wander as I push the weight of my kids around in their chariot, aka Big Bob, while the sun sets beneath the treeline and another day is over faster than I can wrap my mind around.


  1. I had the same day today! Minus the kiddies. Dishes, laundry, honeymoon journaling, organizing our home office, putting job site photos in an album, cleaning the fan all got finished but the later and hotter it got the less I got done and the more I was out the door and at the lake! I have great priorities!

  2. you have taken some great pictures lately!!:)
    hope you all were able to enjoy the outdoors for awhile...