Thursday, September 10, 2009

Portrait of a Haley

Our house has become the Laird Inn this summer and we've been booking months in advance. It's been non-stop and so much fun! This week's visitor came to us from Oregon in the form of a sassy, red-haired songstress named Haley. She and I go way back and are about as close to sisters as two friends can get. This may be one of those weeks Dustin stays at work just a little longer than necessary to avoid being confronted with an abundance of silly behavior and lots and lots of talking and laughter. Although, as loud and ridiculous as we are, we can cook up some seriously good grub and I know he doesn't mind that a bit!

So, onto the point; this Portrait of a Haley. I am, obviously, a little obsessed with photographing my kids. Mainly because they are the most gorgeous things I've ever seen (I'm their mother, so I'm allowed to think that, right?) and because they are with me all the time. They really have no choice in the matter. This week, though, presented me with a willing subject, equipped with the ability to take direction and give feedback without having to stop for diaper changes. Call me an opportunist, but I jumped at the chance! I have to say, I'm quite pleased with the results. Getting some good shots was pretty easy thank to a gorgeous subject and great lighting by way of a solid cloud cover (WA weather is good for pictures if nothing else!). So here, in all her glory, is a Portrait of a Haley!