Monday, September 7, 2009

My Day Has Been Made


Me: Hello?

Voice: Hi, this is Michelle at Walgreens.

Me: Hi.

Voice: It looks like you sent an order over the internet to be printed at our store. I am just calling to be sure that you have a release form.

Me: I'm sorry? A release form for what?

Voice: Well, we aren't aloud to print professional pictures without a release form from the photographer.

Me: (secretly thrilled, but trying not to laugh) Um, I actually took those myself, so we shouldn't need a release form.

Voice: Okay, well, we'll just have you sign a form to be sure when you come in to pick them up. Thank you and have a good day!

Me: Okay, thanks! Bye.

Seriously?! I have to sign a release at Walgreens to prove I took my own pictures! That's kind of fantastic. Laughable, but seriously fantastic! My day has been made. Thank you, Michelle.


  1. Congratulations!! Love it when they do that. Only had it happen once, over at Walmart, but it felt awesome.

    great pics too, by the way.

  2. oooh jealous! that's totally awesome!

  3. p.s. i'm totally gonna send some of my best pics over to walgreens to see if they do it, lol!

  4. That's so awesome Kimberly! Your pics are awesome and I think you have an amazing talent!