Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bob and Bobby

Today, we added to our Bob family. There is Bob, the old standby, and now there is Big Bob. Big Bob just gave me my freedom. I'm talking from sea to shining sea and amber waves of grain kind of freedom, people. Flag hanging from the front porch kind of freedom. I can put both kids in Big Bob and have my entire body to myself for as long as I can push the thing! I may not love the act of running, but running behind Big Bob with two happy kids in it makes me want to run forever. Forest, it's you and me!!! Let's go! Not only did Big Bob give me a new found freedom, he also showed me I am far more out of shape than I ever knew. Today, I ran for the first time in a LONG time. It did not last long. My sweaty, heaving state, however, lasted for quite a while. Naomi's little arms and legs were going the entire time. She's so considerate, trying to run with her mama! Lawson was having a great time as I started out walking, but then I started to run, he was THRILLED. I've hit the jackpot for real! DING DING DING DING!!! We all get fresh air, the kids are happy and I am free and getting in shape. Amen.

Without further ado, here's Bob meeting Big Bob.

And here are the stars on the flag of my new found freedom enjoying their first trip in Big Bob

I plan on chasing Big Bob daily until I've left this mama belly in the dust. Let freedom ring!!!


  1. you crack me up. big bob and little bob. i new you would love it. so where did you run at???

  2. I'm glad both Lawson and Naomi had fun in the stroller. Loved the pictures and the attitude of the post. :) Yeah for freedom!

  3. I've beenr unning too but it's not seeming to be working sadly. Man Lawson and Naomae look a lot alike!