Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting Green

There are so many ways to "go green" these days. Be it recycling, using Energy Star rated appliances, turning off and unplugging electronics when they aren't being used, cloth diapering or even using cloth napkins instead of paper towels. Lately, I have a different way of going green. Green drinks! So, most of you probably just gagged or threw up in your mouth a little. My mom turned me onto drinking your veggies and it used to gross me out watching her make and drink hers. So, I understand it doesn't sound good, but they really are and they are SO good for you. Dustin drinks them and even Lawson will drink a bit of it. It does take a little song and dance as I think he both likes and dislikes it in equal proportions, but I'm sure he'll acquire a taste for it if I persist and eventually guzzle it down like I do!

It's so easy to make! Just throw all the ingredients in your VitaMix or blender and whirl it around until it's pure liquid with no chunks. You'll need a handful of spinach, a half leaf or so of red chard (too much and it gets bitter), a half an apple, a little bit of cucumber, a squirt of lemon, some ice cubes and enough water to get it to blend. Obviously, it's not a science and you can add or subtract ingredients to taste. More apple makes it sweeter and you could even add a squirt of agave or honey for added sweetness if you prefer.

Chugging a glass of green drink fills you up and gives you so much energy! Give it a try and let me know what you think! I promise you, it feels good to go green!

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