Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pregnancy Brain.

I have re-titled this post and rewritten the first paragraph no fewer than five times. My brain has succumbed to the massive amount of hormones flowing through my body and refuses to focus on a task long enough to finish it. This apparently includes picking a subject to blog about and sticking to it. I have a serious case of pregnancy brain. Luckily, at 37 weeks, I am full term and will only have pregnancy brain a few more short weeks!!! Naomi is in position with her buns and feet all tucked up neatly below my ribs and I am feeling strangely good. I'd say I feel better at this point than I did a month or two ago. In fact, I feel so good right now that I caught myself thinking maybe after Naomi, we should get pregnant again around her first birthday, like we did with Lawson. I'm clearly losing my mind. What hugely pregnant woman sits around daydreaming about another long pregnancy with two small toddlers, twice daily shots of blood-thinners and a move somewhere across the country at around the same time. As Lawson would say, "OH, ba ba!!" That seems to be his version of "Oh, my gosh" and I've actually caught myself using it once or twice. It's kind of catchy!

Another instance that had me saying "OH, ba ba!" was the discovery that I still have to wait another week to see Dustin. At first I eluded myself into thinking that he'd get into Washington on Saturday, check in and out Monday and be here Tuesday. Well, of course not. He was supposed to be doing instructor pilot training during August in Washington and now will be going to Jacksonville first thing in July for a couple weeks to do it there. Not really a huge deal, except that he has to study like crazy before hand and has events that he needs to complete beforehand. Thus, the not coming down until next week. He has to get some events done first and hope that Naomi is all about staying in and baking a little longer. He also is supposed to be back on the 22nd of June, which is one day after my due date. So, while he will probably get to be here for the birth, he'll be leaving shortly after for massive studying and lots of events so he can take off to Jacksonville. Great opportunity for him, but not the greatest timing. I'm trying not to let this raise my blood pressure (we'll see if I was successful at that today at my appt). Honestly, I know it will probably still work out just fine, but I was very ready to settle in with him for a week or two and enjoy our family of three without worrying I'd go into labor alone. I spend most of my time letting things happen the way they happen without too much planning, but I let myself start to plan on him getting here a certain time. Note to self: It's SO much easier to go with the flow if you don't have expectations on the speed to which you are flowing or where you are to be flowing to exactly.


  1. Why did we marry military men again? Mine isn't going to be gone when I go into labor but he will be VERY hard to get ahold of so I know what you're talking about. With Marcus I thought for sure Sabe wasn't going to be there.

    I'm glad Naomi's still baking and I hope she comes while daddy is home! I cant' wait to see her!!! And I can't believe you're 37 weeks! where did the time go again??

  2. Ahh, poop. Luckily he'll be here for the birthy-poo! And so will I!