Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This morning I woke up and did NOT drink coffee. Much like the last two months that I woke up and did NOT drink coffee. Something about high blood pressure makes me think that caffeine isn't a really good idea. However, the last few days have left me feeling as though may have guzzled a pot or two in my sleep! I am BUZZING!!!! A strange combo platter since in many ways my body is extra tired. We had a giant thunderstorm last night. Something in the air is always different when a thunderstorm kicks off. The air kind of vibrates. Well, that added to my already buzzy demeanor (yes, I know buzzy is not a word...) knocked me on my back. I was in bed no later than 8:45 last night. I wore myself out with this strange adrenaline rush sensation.

I'm not saying this is necessarily significant, although I have read in various places that an energy burst often precedes labor. I'm just saying, there's a lot of energy in this direction right now. I've also read that there may be a serious nesting spree just before labor, as well. Does scrubbing underneath the cap of your shampoo and conditioner bottles with a toothbrush count as nesting?

While I'm on the topic of gearing up for labor, I had my 37 week appointment yesterday (well, one of them). I kicked it off with the weekly ultrasound, which estimated her to be above the 90th percentile. I don't buy it. My belly measures right on and I'm still imagining her to be 7.5-8lbs when she arrives as opposed to the "little whale" the dr. says I could be growing. My blood pressure was the best it's been in several weeks at 100/80, which is really exciting for me! And I'm apparently 1cm dilated and "ripening" up. All this to say, the dr thinks she'll likely come on her own in a couple weeks and is "cautiously optimistic" that I'll be able to have the natural VBAC I've been hoping for!!!

Well, as long as I have this buzz going, I'm sure there are some dirty nooks and crannies that need to be scrubbed... I'm off to find and conquer them!!!

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  1. I was just reading about your belly and imagined that your belly must arrive around corners WAAAAY before you do right now. For some reason that is making me laugh out loud right now. oh, and I got another follower to my blog! yippie!