Thursday, June 25, 2009

Letting Go Stinks

Literally. For nine long months, Noami has sucked the energy out of me via her umbilical cord. We were truly bound to one another. Now it's time to part with her souvenir of those days by shedding her scabby little umbilical stump. Unfortunately, the skin underneath was having trouble drying out and instead became a breeding ground of putrid smelling ooze. So much for a sweet smelling newborn. It's bad when your own mother thinks you smell terribly. Luckily, at her well baby check this morning, the nurse practitioner rubbed it down with alcohol and cauterized the goo-skin with silver nitrate. This made for a much better smelling baby and I was pleased to hear the souvenir will be a thing of the past in the next day or two. This will not, however, keep her from continuing to suck the energy out of me alongside her brother.

The days and nights can be long with a newborn and a toddler, but seriously, where do they go?! My baby girl is two weeks old as of yesterday (which was also her due date). I'm trying to figure out how two weeks have come and gone already. She's gained just a hair under 1 lb already has the chubby cheeks to prove it. I've been losing weight quickly and am really happy about, but am also really mystified how you can go from large and in charge to nearly normal so quickly! Our bodies are incredible.

I'm gearing up to head back up to Washington tomorrow. Packing is proving quite difficult and is a slow process with a baby in one arm and a toddler going along behind you and unpacking. I'll be glad to have the packing, driving and unpacking behind me. In the meantime, it's all keeping me busy and may distract me from my lack of internet until next Wednesday. Horrifying! So, until next week....

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  1. oh you poor poor thing. i thought i was gonna have to move a few weeks after I had Jamesen and the thought made me cry. I moved when marcus was a couple weeks old and I moved with Marcus unpacking behind me so I have a glimpse of what it's like, lol.

    You're stomach looks awesome for 10 days PP! Mine still had me looking preggo with Marcus. We'll see this time but i"m not expecting anything better.