Saturday, May 23, 2009

There are Two

There are now two car seats in the back of my SUV. This is feeling very, very real. I know it may seem a bit early to install a car seat for Naomi, but if this were my last pregnancy, she'd already be two days old right now! I'm 36 weeks this weekend and the clock is tick-tick-ticking!!!! My hospital bag is packed (aside from a few clothing items I can't do without for the next few weeks), Naomi's bag is packed and now I just have to wait for Dustin to get here. When will he be arriving, you ask? IN ONE WEEK!!!! Well, kind of. He'll be back in Washington in one week and will hopefully make it down to Oregon within a few days of that. Lawson will finally have his da-da back and I will have my man back! And that would mean he most definitely, positively, for sure, without a shadow of a doubt would be there for the birth! That alone, puts me on cloud nine. Again, I have to make it another week or so before that becomes fact, but it's so close I could touch it! So happy right now!!!

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  1. Hooray for daddy come back! And I have the carseat base in the back of my CR-V too, lol. There's no problem with putting it in early [specially with your experience with Lawson!] and let me tell you, I'm glad Naomi is staying put!