Monday, May 18, 2009

The Naked Gardener

We have had a very welcome visitor these past few days... the sunshine! It's actually gotten up into the 80s and we've been spending the first part of the day playing outside on the swing and watering the plants... and just about everything else. Lawson's favorite part of the day seems to be just before we come in for lunch and a nap, when his wet and dirty clothes get stripped off and he's left in his hat and shoes. He is a very happy, naked gardener. Probably one of the few I'd ever want to stumble across!

When the sun is setting and it isn't quite so hot anymore, we head back out for a little more time in the fresh air. Once again, the watering can is a favorite companion and can be used to water all sorts of unsuspecting thing....

He also thought my rear end needed watering, but I didn't include a photo of that one.

He watered just about everything there was to water! But, today's another day and I'm sure the dump truck is thirsty again, so we've got work to do outside! There aren't a whole lot of gorgeous days without clouds in the NW, so we fully intend on soaking up our fair share of the rays!


  1. this is why I love your blog. it makes me small every time

  2. The photo with the cat running half out of the frame is incredible. You're becoming quite the photographer.

  3. Too Cute! Love the last photo! Lawson is getting oh so big these days. Hope all is well!