Saturday, April 11, 2009

Swinging to Sleep

Who didn't love swinging when they were a kid? Heck, who doesn't still love swinging?! In search of an activity for Lawson to do outside as the weather is SLOWLY getting warmer, my mom decided to get a swing for the side yard of her house. It arrived a few days ago and we finally got some hooks to install it today. With an overcast, but mild and dry day, we decided it was time to put it up! After a bit of frustration over not being able to drill the holes into the wood (NOTE: Drills work MUCH better when NOT in REVERSE!!! hahaha) we were able to hang up the swing just before his nap time. We had one happy boy on our hands!!!

What I didn't realize is that even a toddler can still be rocked to sleep! Normally, Lawson gets a story and then I sing to him as he falls asleep for his nap. Well, this time, instead of singing him to sleep, I was swinging him to sleep. After about 10 minutes, the poor little guy could barely keep his eyes open!

I'm looking forward to many warm days ahead for him to enjoy this awesome swing! He can wear himself out and I don't have to chase him anywhere! WIN, WIN!!!

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  1. yes I agree... win win!! specially when you've got another to lugg around too