Friday, April 10, 2009

Pocket T's

I love Gap's pocket T's. They are simple, cute and really cheap when you get them at the Gap Outlet. Lawson has several pair of them and they've always been great! he has me rethinking their greatness, however, as he has found a use for the pocket on the front.

On a recent trip outside to get some fresh air, Lawson began grazing through the flower bed as though it were a buffet. He examined every piece of bark with great care and when one struck his fancy, he'd pop it in his mouth! Of course, this was unacceptable and he was told to spit it out, which he obeyed. This did not stop him from picking another seemingly delectable piece of bark from the garden and placing it in his mouth, too. On and on we went, putting bark in, spitting it out, talking about how yucky it was to eat and how it should stay in the garden where we found it. I thought I'd made my point when a few minutes went by without any bark in his mouth. Success!

Eventually, we headed back inside and started in on a diaper change. Well, imagine my surprise when his little hand reached inside the little pocket on his pocket T and pulled out a fresh piece of bark he'd saved up for later! POP! Into the mouth it went. Then, the inevitable spitting out, which lost a bit of it's glory due to the mess it made all over him, the changing pad and the floor.

Pocket T's have a lot going for them, but this whole snack compartment bonus feature is NOT one of them.

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  1. Too Funny!! Those pocket T's are great and functional as you've discovered! By the way - the latest pics you took of him are beautiful! You have an awesome talent blossoming!