Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Cheap Fix

I hate camera flashes. With a passion. They wash out the entire picture and there is not much you can do to fix it. Unfortunately, indoors with low lighting and a moving subject, requires that a flash be used. The answer, a pop-up flash diffuser! Really, I'd love an external flash that I could point at the wall for bounced light. But, they are $300-$500 and for $20, this diffuser is pretty fantastic! I've been checking them out for a while and grabbed one at the camera store when I went in for a lens cleaning pen today. The difference in photo quality straight-out-of-the-camera (no editing) is pretty clear. I couldn't be happier! This will help a lot until I can shell out the $$$ for a flash. And that isn't happening until I've gotten a few different lenses, so, this may be a semi-permanent situation. Anyway, I'm impressed and happy to be spending less time trying to fix the flash wash-out situation in Photoshop. Yay for gadgets that actually work on-the-cheap!

Washed out

Even, natural skin tone


  1. Wow! Huge difference! I need one of those! Well, once I get my new camera anyways...