Monday, April 27, 2009

Books on Birth

Blogging has taken a backseat lately. I had an OB appointment last week that lit a fire under me to begin a reading frenzy! As far as Naomi goes, the latest ultrasound showed great growth! She has actually jumped from the 70th to the 80th percentile! She is also head down! YAY!!! Since the appt, I'm also quite sure she has begun her descent downward, as my belly seems to have moved down a few inches. I have a few other clear signs, but I'll leave out those few details, for your sake. The best news I received at the appointment, is that the doctor gave me an okay to attempt a VBAC! I really haven't done much birth preparation at all this time, as I was anticipating a C-section, so now I'm playing catch-up and cant read enough! My favorite books, so far, are by a very well-known midwife, Ina May Gaskin. Reading the natural birth stories and the ins and outs of the changes the body and brain go through during birth are so empowering to me. So, rather than spending extra time blogging, I've had my nose in these books preparing for a natural labor and delivery. I can't wait!

Crazy enough, I really don't have to wait that much longer! I'm already 32 weeks, which means the baby will be here in a month or two. During that time, I'll be doing twice-weekly appointments. On Tuesdays, we'll be doing ultrasounds to measure growth and on Fridays, I'll be hooked up to the fetal monitor for a half an hour before seeing the doctor. I saw the comfy chairs you get to relax in during the monitoring, so I'm really looking forward to that! A quick nap, maybe?

So, call me crazy, but I am absolutely obsessed with and excited by the thought of being awake and aware of what's happening when my little girl joins us in this world! I really hope that I'm able to birth naturally this time and don't run into unforeseen problems that would shuttle me back into the OR. The birthing suites at the new hospital here are amazing. Wireless monitors, a large jacuzzi tub and an entire wall of windows looking out over the hills and river. All I really need now, is my husband back home to be witness to the event and a doula! The search is on for a doula!

Well, the books are calling and I'm running out of down-time.... back to learning about The Law of Sphincters. Sounds riveting, doesn't it!?


  1. Best of luck your researching! I know this is exciting research:) Glad to hear Naomi is growing well and healthy:)

  2. I'm hoping to do a natural this time too. You're not alone in the searching. Once I finally get to Kentucky my search will be on too! Hope you find someone quickly!