Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Broken in Baby Knees

Yesterday, Lawson woke up with a bounce in his step and ready to embrace the day! Fresh out of the bath, I was lucky to even catch him and wrangle a diaper on his wiggly little buns! He was crawling into the sunlight and basking in it's warmth!

When I was finally able to get his clothes on, he requested the addition of his hat and shades, which he then refused to remove the rest of the day (much like the finger in his nose). Yes, Lawson wore his sunglasses as we grocery shopped, met Great Grandma for lunch, drove here and there and played at the park. He was one cool cat.

There's that finger in the nose

All it took was one 70 degree day for my little man to break in his baby soft knees! He climbed, danced, ran, squealed and monkeyed his way through the day! And I chased after him with a smile on my face. Sunshine and a happy boy make a very happy mamma.

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  1. Yes those two things combined make me a happy mommy too! I love your camera! And I wish my kid was a cool cat... he hates sunglasses. Where did you get his at?