Saturday, February 28, 2009


Occasionally, I will find that something I've said makes absolutely no sense if I really listen to the words. Yesterday, I found Lawson playing with the toilet seat again and had somewhat of an "aha!' moment

Me: No, no! The toilet is not a toy!

... pause .... blank stare from Lawson ... click! AHA!

Inner Voice: WHAT?! The TOYlet is not a toy?

I remember hearing mothers speak to their children in the public restroom. They would call the toilet the potty, and the use all sorts of other colorful words for body parts and fluids. I swore I would use the proper words so as not to confuse my child. Well, I lied. The toilet is officially the potty.

Me: No playing with the potty.

Lawson: (head shaking) Nuh, nuh!

One step at a time, right?!


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