Saturday, February 28, 2009

bumGenius? bumAWESOME!!!

I am in LOVE. I am a cloth diaper addict and I have a new diaper-of-choice. Could these be any cuter and more functional? I know these are nothing new, but I've rediscovered them recently and can't get enough of them! With three rows of snaps in the front to let them grow with your baby, you don't have to keep buying new sizes. And now they come with an infant insert for the smallest setting so that they are trimmer fitting. The four new bright colors are just a bonus. These are durable, fit wonderfully (even on Lawson's skinny little legs) and even have elastic across the back to prevent blow-outs. Cloth diapering couldn't be any easier

I bought two of the old version to try with Lawson when he was first born and hated them. They were SO bulky on his tiny little body that I felt he couldn't even bend to sit up comfortably. I put them in a box and forgot all about them, moving on to other types of cloth diapers. Well, with the impending arrival of Naomi, I went through my box of diapers that have been retired due to size or dislike. I decided to give the bumGenius a try again now that Lawson was a bit bigger and fell. in. love. Seriously!!!

I now have nine of them to use on both Lawson and Naomi and have also purchased 15 newborn sized bumGenius for when Naomi is a wee little thing. Those are the cutest little pink diapers I have ever seen. I can't stop staring at them. As in, I washed them a week ago to get them ready to go and have yet to put them away because they are so darn cute! I just want to look at them and hold them and look at them some more.

Function meets beauty. I am in love.


  1. I'm so glad you found my blog!! I've been seriously thinking about cloth diapering Jamesen and I've been LOST on brands! I'll have to try these out!

  2. I highly recommend giving it a try! I've tried several different brands, like Fuzzi Bunz, Thirsties, Bummis, Happy Heiny's... the list goes on. If you want more info, I'd be happy to give you more details! It's so easy, saves tons of money and they look adorable!!!

  3. I'm totally considering this for the next time around...I'm sure they are great for all the "right" reasons...but I love them because they are SO CUTE!!! p.s. let's definitely get together for lunch! we're headed to TX at the end of the week for a couple of weeks...I'll get in touch with you when we get back!

  4. you have inspired me to consider trying these with our 3rd one.... thanks for the inspiration!