Friday, July 25, 2008

Just Bust a Move!

A few days ago Lawson disappeared into his room and was being awfully quiet, so I went to see what he was up to. When I came around the corner, he was rocking out to Bob Marley. The kid loves to bust a move! We have music playing all the time and he points at the i-pod nearly every time the song changes and proceed to dance to the new song (for at least the first few seconds until he gets distracted). He also enjoys the tunes at the grocery store and will dance his way through they aisles as I shop. It brightens every day watching him get so much joy from something so simple as a song in the background. It's those little things that we forget as we get older that our children come along and remind us.

And speaking of busting things, how bout busting out the shower!? This is what my husband has been doing for the last week. I've been noticing some strange plumbing issues in that shower over the last few weeks. For instance, the bath would be running, then I'd turn the nozzle to get the shower to turn on and the water would either just keep coming out of the bath or stop running completely. Or you could be mid-shower and the water would just decide to start running out of the bath instead. "Great! Looks like I'm rinsing my hair out from down there..." Well, this weekend, I ran Lawson a bath and went to shut off the water and the hot water wouldn't turn off. NOT good. So, Dustin quickly shut the water off to the whole house and discovered that he'd have to redo all the plumbing for that shower. We had been wanting to redo the shower since we moved in, we just weren't planning on doing it yet. So, now my bathroom not only has no cabinet doors or door (there's this guy I know that likes to rip things apart long before he puts them back together), it also has no shower. We also have company coming tomorrow and a bunch of our family coming in for Lawson's birthday in a few weeks. Which brings me back to that song that Lawson was dancing to... "Don't worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright!" Let's hope so. Here's some pictures of my bathroom.
The beginning of the destruction

The Aftermath

With his plumbing work... it didn't leak!!!

Now what???

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