Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Sweet Little Q

It has been one year with you today Miss Q.

One amazing, fleeting year to enjoy your beginnings in our world.

One year to enjoy those chubby little fingers getting into every cupboard

and your smile that finds its way upon your face before you even open your eyes for the day. 

Wonder has filled your eyes

and you have filled my heart.

I have peace knowing our family is complete with you in it.

From your head

to your toes

you are so loved

and completely adored by all of us in the Laird household.  Even bunny.

So it was with joy that we watched you blow out your candle this morning as we celebrated our wonderful year with you over cinnamon rolls.

And imagine my delight when amidst excited laughter as bubbles swirled around us this afternoon, you took step after step toward your brother then continued to step around the patio over and over.  I cried, I laughed and I snapped pictures like crazy.  What a gift to watch you walk for the first time on your first birthday.  Such fun!


What a year baby girl.  You are pure delight.  Even in the hardest times, when sickness had overtaken your body, you smiled.  The grace with which you endure amazes me.  I'm honored to be your mother and blessed to see your smile each day.  The smile when you wake up, the smile when you accomplish something, the smile when you get into something, the smile after a hug, and the smile when you feel sleepy.  All those smiles brighten my day and you light up my world.  Happy Birthday Quincy!  I love you.  


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  1. Oh Kimberley..Quincy is so beautiful! She seems like such a sweet soul! I read your last blog post and my heart ached for what your experiencing! Seeing your child through these challenging times can be one of the hardest things to endure. I pray that this season will pass and that your Quincy will have healthy days ahead! love to all!