Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Elusive Toddler

 Naomi is a busy, busy girl.  She has a demanding schedule of play.  When she isn't watering her tricycle tires, she's got slides to go down an dolls to soothe from their crying.

 Taking pictures is not high on her to-do list and in fact, she isn't really a big fan most of the time.  I have lots of pictures of her sweet, glaring eyes.  "Mom, stop taking pictures and PUSH me!"

 Even when I get great lighting and she's dressed cute enough for the pictures to count as her "two year photos", she is NOT happy being told to hold still for a second.

 She can be tricked to hold still for a second by doing a little bird watching from the window.... but it's still sans her smile that I love.

I remember feeling guilty after Naomi was born that I had so many pictures of her, but Lawson was hardly in any of them.  Now Naomi is hardly in any of them and Quincy can't escape the camera.  Kids turn two and can not be bothered with holding still long enough to be anything but a streak in your photo.  I have lots of great blurry smiles as she bolts across the view of my lens, some great running away shots and some strange looking empty room shots where I click, hoping to catch her in action, but miss.  These days, if Naomi is in the picture and it isn't blurry, it's a keeper.  That's all the criteria I have.  But, I am still on a mission to get a nice, happy "I'm two" picture of her soon.  She's only going to be freshly two for a little while longer....



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