Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When Skies Are Grey...

...you put on your rain boots!
It's all the rage at our house to put them on the wrong feet.
And apparently the pants were optional.

The skies were looking rather dismal when the kids woke up from nap time today.

But before too long, the rain let up and only the thunder and lightning stuck around.  
"You ever seen a crack in the thunder before!?  It's scary!!!!!"  - Lawson on lightning

Now, rain boots are fun... but NO rain boots is even more fun!

Sometimes you've just got to get your feet wet...

...and your bottom.

I got the rain all over me and I be happy!!!!  - Naomi

Not a bad way to spend a dreary Tuesday afternoon!

p.s.  Grandma, do you recognize that chest they're sitting on in the first picture?  It's by our front door right now, but I have big plans of fixing the hinges, painting the outside and moving it inside for toy or blanket storage!



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