Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday TWO You!!!

For Naomi, it's been a LONG wait for her birthday to arrive!  To her, it's the day where we all sing "'Happy birthday to you' really, really loudly!"  She's all about the song and the party. Lawson can't stop talking about the presents!  And it's not even his birthday!  For me, it's kind of shocking that this day is already here.  That part never changes.  Birthday's are always here a little sooner than I'd like them to be. 

This birthday is a little different than we had planned.  There was a party set for tomorrow and I had visions of fun activities today as a family, but Quincy came down with the flu last night and Naomi woke up with a temperature of 102.  She's all kinds of fun today!  Lots of screaming and crying and yelling.  I keep hearing "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" in my head!  Lawson's not helping by doing all he can to pester her, but what are big brothers for if not to drive the women around them a little crazy?  So, it's a sick day today for a birthday and the party is postponed so we don't send vomiting, diarrhea and fevers home as party favors.

Sick day or not, it's all about my special girl.  She's got a smile that lights up the room and a gaze that melts my heart!

Naomi, you are my sweet, special girl.   You are talking so well I forget how small you are still sometimes.  And you say the funniest things every day that make us all laugh.  You're about as stubborn as they come, but I'm not complaining.  It will serve you well later in life and the headaches it may cause me here and there is equal to the laughter that it brings me.  You have a serious appetite, particularly for barbecue chicken, and love to "eat it in your tummy."  The arrival of your baby sister, Quincy, brought out your maternal side and cuddling Quincy became one of the more exciting parts of your days.  Playing with dolls and your toy kitchen occupies much of your time, as the dolly often needs feeding, cuddling and tucking in to bed.  But, your also known to play hours of trucks and trains with Lawson and FLY around the house on the go cart being chased by imaginary dinosaurs yelling, "the dinosaurs are coming!"  Shoes are one of your deepest loves and you can barely stand waiting to get pants on so you can put your shoes on your feet "all yourself!"  You surprise me with what you can do.  If you put your mind to it, you figure it out quickly!  I love you so much, Num Num.  Watching you grow and change and discover who you are is one of my greatest joys.  You truly are my sunshine!  Happy, happy birthday to you, Naomi.  May 2 be the best year yet!



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  1. Happy Birthday Num Num, you are amazing. Lots of love on your third time around the sun!