Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cultivate My Plate

(Okay, so that only half makes sense.  Mostly, it just rhymes.  And I like rhymes.  They're catchy!)

So, Memorial Day weekend was quite the plethora of celebratory activities. Namely, barbecues.  At one of those barbecues, Dustin saw our neighbor's watermelon plant and began to have lust in his heart.  Maybe even his soul!  He needed a watermelon plant.  That next weekend, he was off to Lowes for a watermelon plant of his own.  Indeed, he got one.  He also got two varieties of tomatoes,summer squash and jalapenos.  He then went back for a more tomatoes and also came home with a mandarin orange tree.  Then, after a week or two, there was concern billowing within him that there just was not enough pollination taking place.  After a morning spent observing and attempting to pollinate the plants himself, we were off to Lowes once more for brightly colored flowers that would attract the pollinators.  Normal people would call these bees... but not Dustin.  This is serious business.  They are pollinators. But I digress.  While at Lowes, I decided to get in on this planting business and picked up some basil and dill plants.  All in all, that's a lot of plants.  And a lot of goodness to enjoy once it's time to harvest!!!  Got to love a man who lands his jet and comes home to tend his garden.  Here are a few photos of our burgeoning bounty!

sidenote:  Dustin has informed me that squash plants tend to give generously, so if you live in the hood, don't be surprised to find a squash or two on your doorstep! 



  1. Blueberries Kimberly. Don't forget to plant blueberries!

  2. I feel like I learned SO MUCH in this post. Keep them coming! :)

    <3 Belly B