Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Shoes

Daddy's got some big shoes to fill when he has to be gone for work.

But we had this crazy little guy running around the house who was willing to do the job, despite still being sick.

There was a wee bit of confusion straight out of the gate as to who's shoes he was supposed to be filling....

But he figured it out pretty quick and spent some time enjoying one of daddy's favorite weekend activities.  Lounging on the couch with Porter.

He also did his best to entertain Quincy while I folded some clothes.

Dustin has made a point to let Lawson know his job as the big brother is to look after and protect his little sisters.  So he informed them often during the weekend that they were tiny and that he would protect them.  They weren't really having it.

His attempt to fill daddy's shoes was complete with flying his "very own jet, dude!"  And crashing it, but luckily that is not so much like Dustin.

He also assisted Quincy in some flying activities of her own.  It was all low level and very controlled since "she's still really tiny and we got to be careful a her."

When I was little I always wished I had a bigger brother.  My girls have themselves the brother I always wanted.  I'm sure they won't always appreciate it, but he's got the role down and makes one heck of a great brother if you ask me!  He also did a pretty good job slipping on the ole size 13 house shoes for the weekend!  As Lawson would say, "Who's the man?!  I the man!"  I concur, but let's slip the word "little" in front of "man."  I've still got a few good years with my little man before he's allowed to really be "the man!"


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  1. This is sweet. I always wanted a big brother as well. My oldest takes his responsibility as big brother pretty seriously at times but the feisty little sister doesn't always enjoy it. :) Glad to see Lawson's eyes looking less scary. :)