Friday, February 25, 2011

Happiness is Food.

Food is happiness.  A good day for me always includes lots and lots of good food.  I mentioned in my last post that lately I've been going big in the kitchen to prepare for Quincy's arrival.  And it is now that I find myself at a crossroads.  Do I continue blazing down my path of preparedness or do I leave room for the ice cream?  Oh, the struggle.

I went to stock up on more chicken yesterday and found that the organic chicken breast that I buy was on special - buy one get one!  I almost exploded with excitement right there in the meat section.  Then I filled our cart with poultry. Lots of poultry.  Which makes the decision to push out the ice cream in favor of more meals slightly easier for me.  There are tons of bird breasts staring at me each time I open the fridge, so I should probably chop to it and find a few good recipes for them!  I'm sure I can manage to squeeze some ice cream bars in between the frozen meals....

And as if I need a reminder to consume everything in site, I painted a sign for the dining room on some scrap wood from another project we've got going on around here.  I'm just waiting on some pretty hardware to hang it up with.  You get the idea.  I like food...

...and it likes me!



  1. I have freezer envy! :) You will really appreciate all that goodness when little QJ arrives. I wish I lived closer so I could cook some things for you to add to your stash.

  2. Could you share some of your freezer recipes? I'm expecting and would love to do some of these!

  3. I second Melissa's comment! Some of those dishes sound mouth watering... and I've been feeling kitchen uninspired lately.