Friday, January 28, 2011

The Dreaded Belly Shot

It's time again for a belly shot!  Let's just say that the "cute" stage is officially gone.  My arms, butt, thighs and face are feeling just as pregnant as my belly.  Yes, I am larger and in charger.  Welcome to the third trimester.

I should probably add my back to the list of extraneous pregnant body parts.  I literally got stuck sitting on a step stool last night after washing the kids hair.  I could not. get up.  My muscles were so tight I couldn't even get them to function and I had to call for help.  Nothing like yelling out "I'm stuck on the step stool and I can't get up!"  Fail.  Yes, I had to have Dustin heave my big butt up off the step stool.  I then had to lean over the counter and cry because it hurt. so. bad.  But being the sweet guy that he is, he rubbed my back until I caught my breath and relaxed a little bit.  I may have had a similar situation on the toilet later that night (but, that's highly embarrassing, so I'm making no admission of it.).  I now live in fear that I will sit down on the throne and have to call a neighbor to come and heave me off of it.  Funny in theory, but really it's no laughing matter!  My back is killing me.  And as it is such, I'm saving what would have been the rest of this post for another time.  This aching back needs a rest while the wee ones are asleep.  Nothing like a quiet 20 minutes in a comatose position to help your day go smoother!


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  1. you look a million times better than I do in the last trimester! Don't feel too bad :)