Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jingle Jangle

It's that time of year again!  December begins tomorrow and so arrives our annual house guest!  Well, kind of.  Being that we're far away from home and our sweet little Elf on a Shelf is back in Mississippi, Santa has graciously sent us a stand in elf for this year.  See him???

Jingle the elf will be reporting to Santa each night as to how the children behaved and return the next morning in a brand new perch to be found by the smaller members of the family!  But, before he settles in to keep watch, he has one other duty to fulfill! 

Filling the mini stockings!  Last year we had a big ribbon full of handmade envelopes stuffed with goodies and decorated with numbers as a countdown to Christmas.  This year that just couldn't be pulled together!  So, mini stockings it is!  Well, a mini stocking a a mini mitten.  Jingle returns with a surprise for the kids each day (isn't he the greatest?!) and they can find out what it is as soon as they've found his new hiding spot!

What kind of surprises will Jingle be bringing, you ask?  Well, fun things like stickers.....

and goodies, to name a few!

To kick things off for the year, it appears the wee ones will wake up to find some new friends hanging out by their mini stockings!

And just to be sure that they started off on the NICE list, we baked Jingle some cupcakes and left them out for him to nibble on!  Of course, we tested them to be sure they were as good as they looked.  They totally were.  I may have even double checked after the kids went to bed...

It really is the most wonderful time of the year and we will be packing as much fun, magic and excitement into this holiday season as we can!  Happy December, everyone!  May your days be filled with joy and goodies!


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  1. how fun! I really need to look into getting an Elf on a Shelf for us!