Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We'll Just Buy Her a New One

My little explorer.  Never content to stay still, she wants to see how low down and how high up she can get in this world.  The words "no fear" come to mind with her.

If she is not watched diligently and contained, one is likely to find her perched on the very TOP of the toilet brushing her teeth with her toothbrush she somehow retrieved from by the sink.  Hard surfaces and sharp corners surround her as she happily sits on her throne and I may or may not have had a mini heart attack the first time I went looking for my all-too-quiet one year old and found her there .  She's also been caught standing up next to the tv on top of the console pushing the buttons and loving every second of it.  She's not to be left alone, that's for sure.  It takes her all of about 30 seconds to scramble to the highest point in the room.

Little.  Agile.  Fearless.  Strong.  These words are a very dangerous combo.

Which brings us to yesterday.  Lawson and Naomi have taken to spinning themselves around on my glider/recliner chair in the playroom.  I saw the potential for bumps and bruises were one to fall off, but with carpet below, it was leaps and bounds better than playing on top of the toilet.  It had been a slightly trying day.  I was tired and emotional thanks to being pregnant and having  felt two steps behind the kiddos since morning.  They were getting a little carried away with their play and I asked them to get down from the chair and read a book.  They seemed to be obeying and I looked away for just seconds before I heard the thump followed by seconds of silence (BAD sign) and then a blood curdling scream.  Naomi was laying wedged between the wall beneath a window and the chair with blood coming from her mouth.  She was inconsolable with her mouth wide open as she screamed.  I caught a glimpse inside her mouth and my heart sank.

She had dove off the chair face first into the windowsill and her perfect little baby tooth was broken.  Tears flowed for us both as Lawson followed us to the couch, concerned, as always, why we were both so sad.  I know it will be fine and it actually is good that it's a baby tooth and not a permanent one, but I still really loved her perfect little tooth in her perfect little mouth.  Eventually, we both stopped crying and Dustin and I explained to Lawson that Naomi had broken her tooth.  His response?

"Oh, okay.  Momma buy Naomi a new one.  It otay, Mama"

He wasn't concerned or worried.  There is a tooth doctor for that and we will buy her a new one.  And, he totally had a point.  We probably would "buy her a new one."  Funny, that at three years old, he knew it would be fine and actually made me feel better with the simple logic he applied to the situation.  Leave it to Lawson!

As for Naomi, this girl is going to give me gray hairs.  And probably a few too many trips to the emergency room.  



  1. So funny...that poor girl. Guess the world better watch out...

  2. eek! I am glad she'll be okay!

  3. No pic of the chipped tooth??? Bet she is still beyond adorable even with the chipped tooth!