Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Three years ago, today, you gave me fresh eyes to see the world with.

And on that first day of life, you taught me so many lessons.  One of them was something you remind me every day.

You were very small and weak at only 36 weeks gestation.  You were only 4 lb 11 oz.  And I was recovering from being very sick those last few days of having you inside me.  But when I held you, I was only feeling one thing.

After three weeks in the NICU, you finally got the okay to come home with us!!!

You grew so quickly and I was always amazed each time I realized another month with you had flown by.

As you grew, you continued to show me who the real teacher was.  One of your favorite lessons continues to be that "sometimes it's okay to get a little....."

Your daddy had to be gone a lot back then, so you also helped me remember to cherish the time we had together.

There were days I would have loved to curl up inside, but you needed to explore.  You are my breath of fresh air!

You've taught me so many things, Lawson.  Including how great my capacity for love really is.  Before you came along, I couldn't even begin to fathom how deeply I could love you.  Watching you grow and learn and become the person that you are is such a joy.  Now, it's my turn to impart a few words of wisdom to you.

If life brings you as much joy as you have brought to me, I can be satisfied that you will have a good life.  I love you times a million.  All your funny games, goofy laughs and long talks about choo choos.  You are my joy and my sunshine.  Happy, happy 3rd birthday little man! 

All my love,




  1. Happy Birthday Lawson!! And happy tears of joy to me. What a beautiful post. :)

  2. Awww Lawson. You can tell from this heart-felt post how much beauty you have managed to bring to the world. Your mother found her calling and her passion the day you were born and we all have had the honor of watching all the amazing (and weird) things you do. You are so loved. Happy 3rd birthday buddy!

  3. Beautiful pictures!! Such a sweet tribute to your little man.

  4. I'm thinking you may have just authored and designed your first mini-book - perfect for moms and their little boys everywhere.

    Happy birthday Lawson! Your mom wanted nothing more in life than to be a mom and look at her now. You're her dream come true.


  5. Beautiful post, beautiful pictures! I love to witness the love you have for your children and your role as mother.

  6. Happy Birthday Little Lawson. You are so loved by so many people. I am glad that I've gotten to be around a very special little boy. Kim and Dustin you are great teachers and I know he will grow up and do many great things! Love you Lawson:)