Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's the 10th of the month again.  Which means that the kids are both another month older.  This time though, it's kind of a big one.  Lawson is 2 1/2, which he proudly calls TWO HALF!

Yep, he's on the fast track to being a real boy.

On the Fast Track

The toddler is quickly disappearing.

Mr. Somebody

Yep, he's becoming a little man.  Luckily, one that still loves to snuggle with his mommy.


And let's not forget, Naomi is getting bigger, too!  She turned 8 months old today and is adding new words to her vocabulary every day!

She may be getting bigger, but she's still only 8 months young and still needs her mommy, too!

Eight Months Young

Normally, I'd be having a bit of an attack about how big everyone is, but today, it just feels right. My kiddos bring sunshine to my life every single day. Naomi's scream may be something out of a horror film, but her giggle is just as big (it's nearly a cackle) and the giant chills she gets for several minutes after she wakes up make me laugh out loud every time. Lawson is the sweetest little person I have ever known. He sympathizes with anyone who is sad or hurt and loves to simply be happy! Literally, he loves to sit there and announce his happiness! So, it's alright that you are getting bigger. Just don't let it happen again!


  1. ah, that one of her holding on to your leg? Maybe the cutest thing I've seen today :)

  2. Awww, I love how you said "it just feels right". So sweet. It is so bittersweet watching our children grow. These are phenomenal photos. You have truly gorgeous children! I love coming over to your sweet blog!