Friday, February 26, 2010

Skuuting Along

There's always a lot of scooting going on around here. Naomi scoots around constantly. She crawls like a three legged dog a lot of the time on the wood floors. She uses one knee, but kind of drags the other leg behind her. She scoots fast, too! Especially when she's trying to reach an off-limits item that she knows I'll be grabbing up pronto! Lawson doesn't usually scoot around, but he scoots everything else around.  If it has wheels or could be a choo choo,he'll scoot it.  This includes the laundry basket, the high chair, boxes, tampons... you name it, he'll scoot it! 

Well, today, he Skuuted himself!  He's been waiting to try out his Santa present from Christmas for two months now.  With the weather nice and a little issue we had going on with the inter tube in the tire resolved, we headed outside to spin those wheels around!  Now, the thing about the Skuut bike is that it has no pedals.  It is designed as an alternative to a bike with training wheels and teaches young children to balance before introducing them to a bike with pedals.

The first few steps were oh, so exciting!

The First Few Steps

There were places to go, and he was in the drivers seat!

Oh, the Places We'll Go!

Okay, so he wasn't quite ON the seat.... but he was having great fun and was getting quite confident!

Watch Where You're Going....

A little too confident, perhaps.

...or You May Fall Down....

Who ever learned to ride a bike without taking a spill or two?  He got right back up and kept on going.  Although, he eventually decided that it was even more fun to push the bike around without saddling up.  That way he could watch the wheels go round!  Boys!  He'd race across the yard yelling "WHEELS!  ROUND!" over and over, then turn around and say, "ta-da!" before making tracks across the grass again.  

And all the while, another little person watched patiently from a chair in the grass, wishing that she, too, could Skuut... and saying "ta-da" over and over again.




  1. Where is his shirt from?

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  3. Okay, still figuring this out.. I'll try that again.

    The first thing that came to mind when you mentioned miss Num Num's obsession with eating non edible, germ infested items- that stinking door stop!!!!!!!! LOL. And I am THRILLED that you guys got the 'tube malfunction' figured out so Lawson could take that baby out for a spin!!! GO LAWSON!!!! Love the pics, love the bright spring colors and LOVE the candid pic of Lawson "biffin" it :)