Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kiss "Muah!!!"


I remember when Lawson's favorite thing to do was to sit on my lap and shower me with kisses and hugs.  That started really early with him.  Even when he was in the NICU, you could tell he loved kisses and even seemed to try to kiss back.  Naomi never really liked to have my face all up in hers.  She turned her head.  She loved to have me kiss her neck and sometimes her cheek, but the lips were off limits with her!  All of a sudden, she's all about the kisses!  This girl transforms into a little kissing monkey.  Her eyes get about as big and googley as I can imagine two eyes can get, her mouth opens, her tongue comes out, and then she smiles and says "MUAH!" as she smashes her face into mine.  And then I pinch myself because the cuteness really is almost too much!  I actually thought the cuteness had reached it's peak, and then it was bath time.  Something about bath time brings out the softer side of Lawson (or the more ornery side, on occasion) and they had a little kissing fest, full of "muah's!" and giggles and hugs.  Nauseatingly cute.  And one more item on the list of things I love about this girl.



  1. Ms. Laird, I'm not sure if you're a fan of blog awards, but I just nominated you for one. Check out my page for details. I continue to get all warm and fuzzy every time I look at your photos...

  2. Nominated!!!! Awesome!!!!
    I'm really into Naomi being more affectionate, you think she'd hold the tongue for me though?