Friday, February 19, 2010

And Then Her Toes Came Out of Hiding...

...because the sun had come out to warm the world! Spring was peaking out from behind the corner, so she did what any vitamin D deficient mama living just a hop, skip and a jump from the beach would do. She put on her flip flops and took her toes to the sand!!! And being that she was a mama, she brought along a few other eager little toes as well! With their favorite moving and grooving tunes blaring, windows down and smiles plastered on their faces, they let the wind carry them and found themselves among the rocks, sand and beach wood for an afternoon of loveliness and memories.

Paint-chipped, sun-starved, happy, sandy toes.

Out of Hiding

He had a permanent grin that made his mama's heart smile.

Walking in Sunshine

She couldn't take her eyes off of him.

Sit a Spell

He couldn't take his hands off of his ears as the F-18s flew did their touch and goes above.  "LOUD!"


Naomi is quickly becoming a stick connoisseur, much like her brother.

Beach Wood Good

She's not picky though, and enjoys tasting rocks as well.  She picks them very carefully.

Sneaking Snacks

And then mommy makes her spit them out.  She's not a fan of that.

She Spits Rocks

Lawson searched the beach for a treasure and found an "egg"!  He couldn't believe it!

"Egg!" He Proclaimed.

Eventually, Mama got very tired of digging rocks out of little fingers and mouths and they all headed for the trail.  Naomi went in the front pack and off they went, Lawson running ahead.  The air smelled wonderful and the sun poured through the trees and grandfather's beard.  It was like a dream walking through the tall, tall trees!

Into the Woods He Goes

They were so high, it was hard to see the tops!  He tried, though!

How High the Trees

So much activity left those busy little feet quite tired by the time they reached the end of the trail. Luckily, the baby was snug in the front pack and mama had two hands free. So, up Lawson climbed, onto mama's back and back down the trail they went. Three happy beach bums, smiling in the sun and giggling just to giggle. The magical afternoon came to a close and now all that's left are some sandy car seats and these photos. Oh, and the wonderful, happy memories! Welcome, Spring!



  1. BEAUTIFUL photographs! I might need the originals of some of these. :)

  2. I almost think I see the reflection of a mamarazzi in those little girls eyes:)

  3. man he looks JUST like his dad in that last one. WOW!