Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dustin's Take on "Simply Tumbling Down"

Dustin does not mess around. As Ming Ming the duck would say, "This is serious!!!!". If you have NO idea what that means, it's because you either don't have young children or don't turn on your tv... and that's okay. Dustin is very, very good at making things tumble down. The demolition is the easy part and it's the putting back together again that takes....

a while.

A good while.

A very, very good while.

I've gotten a little bit better at patience as I've lived in a house that is always torn apart to some degree. Now, as we find ourselves just 3 months away from moving, the downstairs is being torn to pieces. The flood in October kicked things off in grand style! Now that we're back, Dustin has begun the continuation of the demolition of this house I call my home. One night last week, he disappeared down stairs for a while. I didn't think much of it, but soon he returned and led me down to our "master bedroom." And, no, this is not going where you think it is. A little background to start with: this bedroom started out with textured wallpaper painted a horrible tone of blue, so my mom and I removed it to reveal the equally hideous seventies wood paneling. After the flood, the carpet was removed and we were left with some nasty cement for a floor. All around ugly. That's what I expected to see. But, to my shock, horror and excitement, it was even more disgusting than I ever could have imagined. Did I mention that Dustin is really good at the "tumbling down" part?

Shock and horror.

Exposed beams. Kind of cabin-chic, right??

Our new firewood. We're burning down the house, one piece at a time.

See the lovely blue color still hanging out in the closet?

Our stained concrete floors... this is popular now, isn't it??
(Just so you know, that isn't mold... it's some substance leftover from a previous asbestos abatement)

The good news is that this is actually a step in the right direction, as much as I want to throw up looking at it. But, there are no walls, no ceiling and no floors. I can live with no bathroom door (and have for three years), but I do need some walls. I'm obviously high maintenance. Now, if all goes as planned, this version of "simply tumbling down" will be "simply put back together again" pronto and once again, there will be walls.


  1. Wow! It does look a mess, but hey it will be done before you move right? I bet you love me now.

  2. You are a brave, brave woman! I think I might not be able to handle a house reconstruction!