Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Boot Loot

Lawson has decided our Christmas stockings are Christmas "boots". I'm rather fond of the term, myself. Even more so when I realized that boot rhymes with loot, which is what the boot is all about anyway! I thought I'd share a little bit of our Christmas boot loot with you all, just in case you are running short on ideas. If any of you have some good ideas, feel free to comment with what you put in your little one's Christmas boots. I know I'm always looking for more loot!

Dwell Studios Books (more titles coming soon... so excited!)

Manhattan Toy Ziggles

Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddling Wrap (you can never have too many)

Manhattan TOy Automoblox mini X9-x
Squish by Boon

Jane by BoonLittle Giraffes Luxe Lovie


  1. well I have a lot of repeats of what you have. Santa claus thinks alike!

  2. My MIL got that green pull apart car and a few others for her house and Marcus LOVED it! I totally forgot about those!