Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Babies, it's Cold Outside

"I really can't play. Baby, it's cold outside.
Inside I must stay. Baby, it's cold outside."

We're a few weeks away from winter solstice, but someone forgot to tell Jack Frost. It is brrrrrrrrisk out there! I have to admit, I've not been very motivated to bundle up and head outside the past few days. I promised Lawson we'd make it out tomorrow, but tonight we're hanging out under the blanket fort reading stories and wrapping up Christmas presents to the sounds of Sting's new Christmas album. I'm digging this warm and cozy indoor holiday kind of day, but the kiddos have visions of hats and boots dancing in their mind. At least they got lots of play time over the weekend with family visiting for Thanksgiving! More on that later. For now, it's all about counting, colors and songs for me and my little monkey.


  1. Another beautiful photoshoot!
    Loving the new banner too.

  2. be still my beating heart! this are amazing!