Friday, November 13, 2009

If I Had a Crystal Ball...

...I'd throw it away! Trying to peek into the future only leads to sleepless nights. Being that I was awake until after 3am last night dreaming about the future, I'm an expert on this, so trust me. The excitement of what is to come when Dustin gets back as we prepare to move to Texas left my mind spinning and my eyes wide open staring into the darkness that I hoped would be my crystal ball. That whole idea of being in the moment is a big one for me. When I exist only for what is happening around me, not only do I live happier, but I sleep happier, too. "Like a baby", they would say. After I had kids, I wondered what in the world the person that thought up that phrase was smoking. Babies wake up constantly! But now I know what it means. Babies are in the now, they are not mulling over the latest happenings and over analyzing what is to come. They are laying in their fluffy bed with their eyes closed peacefully and sleeping. Until they wake up 5 minutes later... but that is in the future and not of concern to them as they fall into sleep.

No, I don't need a crystal ball. I need to remember that the future holds more wonderful memories for further on down the road and now is the time to make them. So, I'm off to enjoy being cooped up in the house and experience some beautiful memories for later.


  1. Corpus Christi. We lived there for a year when we first got married, so we're looking forward to heading back!

  2. Oh poo about the moving. I don't want to read or talk about it. But I'm glad at least one of us is excited about it!