Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Cutest Pumpkin of All

The days leading up to Dustin leaving were nuts, to say the least! There was flooring to be laid, tons of tools and furniture to move off the wood floor so it could be sanded and finished, odds and ends to tie up around the house, trips to Home Depot, packing and preparing for his detachment, and finally, trying to squeeze in a little family time. Well, we squeezed it in, barely, on Saturday night before sunset. On the way home from Home Depot, we passed the pumpkin patch and decided to go. We hurried home to get in warmer clothes and then raced back to play for a while before the sun went down. We parked, I put Naomi in the sling, then Dustin says, "um, where did you put his shoes?". Um, yeah. "Can't say that I put them anywhere." We soon realized that our tag-team effort to hurry out of the house left each of us thinking the other would put his shoes on. Luckily, it's only 5 minutes to our house. Dustin left with Lawson to get some shoes and I got 15 minutes to snap a couple of pictures with Naomi before they arrived. She fell asleep the rest of the time and it ended up being a really good time for Dustin and I with Lawson (and his shoes). We had the corn maze all to ourselves and ran around in circles, getting lost a few times, only to finally emerge and make a beeline for the pumpkins to claim our own while we could still see! Lawson hopped into the wheelbarrow and we headed down the middle of the pumpkin patch. Not five minutes later, we had a wheelbarrow full of cute pumpkins and some great memories! I'm quite sure I already had with the two cutest pumpkins, though....


  1. So glad you got to go to the pumpkin patch. Lawson looks extremely excited/pleased with the outing, barely hold still long enough for a pic with dad. I love all the pictures -and your water mark looks great.

  2. those ones of dustin and lawson make me tear up. I love men and their sons. So cute!!

  3. Wow! These shots are amazing! I especially love the one with your little guy and his Daddy in the corn maze! Super cool shot!