Tuesday, September 29, 2009

He's Got It

"I got it!" Those three words are like the chorus to life's song around our house. We've moved on from the track "mine" and now have "I got it!" on repeat at top volume. While Lawson is quite sure that he's got it, be it climbing the stairs on his own or picking up a toy when he's been asked, I'm not always as sure. He could be attempting to drink out of a glass with 99% of it dribbling down his front and he'd still be sure that he's got it! My confidence is shaken a bit more easily. I am convinced that I don't have it when just the smallest thing goes awry. I'm taking a clue from this little guy, though, cause I think he's on the right "track" - even if the song is getting a bit overplayed. Overall, I've got it. And Lawson certainly does, too!

Holding mommy's hand up the hill is a thing of the past...

...cause my little monkey has "got it!"


  1. story of my life. you always do this to me. you write blogs and it hits home so much and i start bawling. bah!

  2. Oh, I miss you all so much! Lawson especially. I see his sticks are getting bigger and I'm sure he's got them under control :) Cute and clever post.