Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two Two

Two days ago my two little munchkins turned two months old and two years old!!!

And while it's hard to believe that Naomi has already been flashing grins

and giving us "the look" for two whole months...

I'm convinced it's pure fiction that my tiny little man could be the owner of these two big feet

or that these big blue eyes have seen the earth circle around the sun two times.

And I just can't believe I've been so lucky to have these amazing grins light up my world for
two whole years!!!


Your favorite word these past few days has been "happy" (or "habby") and that is just exactly what you are. You are a happy boy and a sweet boy. A boy that your dad and I are proud to call our son. You are a wealth of kisses, hugs and cuddles and you bring an element of surprise to even the most mundane of tasks. One never knows what may become a microphone for an impromptu performance or what will make you dance with delight. You truly have a sweet spirit and a "habbiness" that is contagious. What a lucky mommy I am to spend my time with you.

I may never be able to explain just how deeply I love you. So much it makes my heart ache. On August 10, 2007 you became my reason for being and showed me the world all over again. You may have been little, but to me, you were BIG and MIGHTY and you were everthing. You still are everything. Nothing could ever change the way I love you, not even a little sister. You are my Big Boss, my Little Man, sometimes you are my monkey, and now you are my two year old boy. Before I know it, you'll be twenty and I'll be reading this wondering what happened to the two year old boy I used to hold. But even then, no matter what, you're still my love and you always will be.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lawson!!!

All My Love,



  1. what a wonderful post kimberly! happy 2nd birthday lawson!:)

  2. You got some great pictures, Kim. Your heartfelt words brought tears to my eyes. We are all blessed by those two darling little people being in our lives. Happy Birthday Lawson and Naomi!

  3. Oh boy, I should remember to not read your blog at work! I'm still tearing up!! Lawson is such a lucky boy to have such a loving mommy. :)