Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heedle Doo

Heedle Doo. Heedle Deedle Doo. Heedle Deedle Doodle Doo.

No, I'm not speaking in tongues. Although that could be exhilarating! I am actually speaking in Lawson. I'm betting you will never guess what any of that means. They are actually all different ways of saying the same word. The same word that starts each of my mornings and is shrieked each time we enter the bedroom for a diaper change. You see, there is a heater in our bedroom (it is a cold, dark dungeon in our daylight basement) and Lawson is fascinated with it's buttons and swiveling and intermittent blasts of air and the heat that it emmits. There is nothing about the heater that doesn't absolutely floor him. And so, he says "heater" a lot. Only, he doesn't really say heater, it's more of "heedle doo" (heavy on the LLL and OOOOO) with a variance of added "deedles" and "heedles". I hope he always calls it a "heedle doo". Why don't we?

Think about it. You're in the car with your man (or woman... do guys read this blog?) You're, of course, cold. He is sweating like crazy. Or, if you're pregnant, you're HOT HOT HOT and he's shivering. How can you possibly get in a fight about the temperature when you say, "Turn up the heedle doo! It's freezing!!!" or "Stop messing with the heedle deedle deedle doo! I had it right where I wanted it!". I may start using that method! Like, "How bout you put the teedle leedle down when you're done so I don't fall in the toodley doo when I go to take a peedle???". It takes the edge off of "Put the freaking seat down for the last time!!!" and keeps life's "little things" in perspective as being just that. Little.

His version of words is also a reflection of his very optimistic outlook on life. Pay attention here. There is no. such. thing. as DOWN. It straigh up doesn't exist for Lawson. "Up" is "up" and "down" is... "up". It doesn't matter if you correct him over and over, "down" is "up". It goes like this:

Me: Lawson, you're all done eating now. Do you want down?

L: Up!

Me: Down?

L: (nodding head and pointing DOWN) UP!!!!!

Me: Lawson, can you say "down"?

L: Yeah!

Me: Say "down"

L: Up

Me: Down

L: Yeah

Me: Yeah......

So, obviously, he likes to look at the UPside of things, which I actually quite admire. It's pretty darn neatle dee! Too far? Okay, too far. I'm done.

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  1. oh man, i'm totally going to start using that method toward DH when I'm mad at him!! Sweet! :)

    At least Lawson is talking. M says words and gets the syllables and vowels right but the consonants are all d's.