Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Beach Day to Remember

These pictures can officially be counted amongst my favorites. That day at the beach actually started out quite stressful. Naomi screamed the whole way there and demanded to be fed most of the time we were there as the sun blared into my eyes, along with the sand that Lawson was throwing. These moments, however, were beautiful. I loved watching Lawson explore and enjoy the time with his dad and Mima and it is etched in my memory. Sitting on the warm beach with my newborn daughter at my breast watching my mother stroll down the beach hand in hand with my little boy or watching him skip rocks into the ocean with his father. Those are the moments that I wish could last forever.


  1. Those pictures are pictures worth making into huge posters and selling for $50 a pop. I'm jealous of your beach. I've only ever been to the beach once and neither of my boys have been. Kinda sad.

  2. Hi - found your blog via the small is beautiful button - love the photos and am amazed at the lovely words (having had 2 under 2 myself a while ago I am surprised that with a newborn you can get around to turning on a computer let alone writing on it!).

    happy memories are worth the effort xo