Monday, July 20, 2009

Kind-of Quiet

Quiet is something I crave. There is a constant symphony playing around here complete with power tools and hammers for percussion! I would like to think that I am the conductor, but let's face it, the kids are so in control! And as long as they have the baton, there will be noise. Or at least there should be. Quiet is a Jekyll and Hyde. It can be just what the doctor ordered or it can be the calm before the storm. Those rare few moments where you suddenly hear unexpected silence is usually a clue that something fishy is going on and you may have a big clean up on your hands. Those are the times I poke my head around the corner and see Lawson pulling all the books off the shelf, dumping the last bit of my coffee out or getting into drawers he shouldn't be opening. Nap time is a different kind of quiet. I look forward to nap time every day to both get things done and take a nice, deep, cleansing breath or two.

Today, I was enjoying the quiet for a good half hour, doing the dishes, humming "Lets Go Fly a Kite" (thanks, Beth... day number two and I'm still singing that song!) and listening to the hum of the sleep machine in the monitor as Lawson slept. Or so I thought. Out of the silence, an "uh oh". By the time I'd gone down the stairs and began to open the door, he'd began calling frantically for me. I couldn't help but crack up when the boy was standing in his crib with a horrified, worried look on his face and his diaper dangling from his hand. I've been lucky to have only had him remove his diaper on a few occasions and those times he found it funny. When Lawson sleeps, though, each item on the pre-sleep check list must be checked off in order and the covers must be arranged just so with his teddy bear and cup in their usual positions. Nothing can be off, or sleep just isn't going to happen. So, this was obviously NOT part of the normal routine. No biggie as far as I was concerned since the diaper wasn't dirty yet, so it was easy to laugh it off and put the diaper hoodini back to bed. No harm, no foul. Lawson did not find it funny at all. Maybe that'll keep him from doing it again. Let's hope! I guess sometimes even when I think I'm having my blissful quiet time, he could still just be in his crib quietly getting into mischief. So, now I get my somewhat quiet time. I have a sweet little baby cooing in her sleep all snuggled in my baby sling. That may be better than quiet, actually.


  1. Baby sighs and sounds are ten times better that quiet! Toddler sounds can stay silent, but baby sounds I'll keep :)

  2. what are you using for the backdrop? just curious as im doing some newborn shots for a friend and have been trying to figure out what to use.