Monday, June 15, 2009

A Dustin How To

This morning, as I was enjoying a cup of coffee, Lawson decided to grab my drinking arm to help himself up off the ground. Needless to say, coffee was then all over the carpet and I was frantically trying to clean it off before it stained. This led to a conversation between Dustin and myself as to why rugs are superior to carpet. His reasoning? They are easier to clean. How easy, you ask? Well, here is a step by step guide straight from Dustin's mouth:

Step 1: Take rug outside
Step 2: Pressure wash rug
Step 3: Hang rug from tree or eves of house
Step 4: Dry rug with a leaf blower
Step 5: Replace rug on floor

No joke.


  1. ha ha ha! I have to say....I agree with Dustin. :) We have the blower, just need that pressure washer now. (still laughing....)