Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Temperature Rising

And falling. And rising. And hopefully falling for good soon. My little man has a fever. A fever that reached 104.1 last night. Not fun. Luckily, another dose of Tylenol, a cool cloth on his head and a little peppermint oil on his feet, chest and back brought it down almost three degrees within the hour. He's been in amazingly good spirits, given how crummy he obviously feels. His nose has started stuffing up and his temperature has been staying at around 102, so I'm keeping a close eye. The poor little guy that passed it to him went from a fever to bronchitis in just a few days, so I'm hoping we're not headed down that path. Sick little one's are the most pathetic, sad sight, laying there feeling miserable with big, tired eyes.

Unfortunately, a strange feeling has been settling over my chest and head this morning and I think I could be headed the same direction as Lawson. Looks like we'll be sick buddies. I just hope this passes soon and the sun comes back out, because those couple of days were a blast. This fever-filled, stay-indoors and look at the cloudy drizzle through the windows thing is getting old fast.

Examining the Thermometer. It goes "beep" so it is quite fascinating.

I don't feel so good, Mama!

I took this about a minute ago. Wet washcloth, sleeping on a towel with the sippy cup nearby. And look at those flushed cheeks! Such a sad sight.


  1. hOpe he gets better soon! Poor little man :(

  2. Poor little guy and mama!!! Hope is feeling better soon!

  3. Hope that temp goes down soon! There is something so heartbreaking about watching your child sick...your doing an awesome job. I also like your peppermint oil technique. Oils and herbs work wonders!