Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can One Live in a Stroller?

Dear Zooper,

I recently purchased the 2008 Zooper Tango and am having a slight problem, I wondered if you could help me with. I can not get my son OUT of the stroller! I've dealt with not being able to get him INTO a stroller before, but this is a whole new issue! Any suggestions?!


Stroller Mama

Literally, he played in his new stroller ALL evening after it arrived. Climbing in and out, pulling the canopy down until all you could see were his feet sticking out, and pushing it around the house. He LOVES it! Maybe even more than I do! Which, actually, makes me love it even more and makes for some stiff competition for who loves it more! I think he would stay in this stroller all the time, if he could.

This pleases me!!!!


  1. He's so funny. M does crazy stuff like this too. Kids are silly and I love it!! :D

  2. Great pictures Kim! Cool stroller! :)

  3. Um....that middle picture is freaking PERFECT. It looks like it should be the pic on the tag of the stroller.