Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Busy as a Bee

Lawson has been keeping me on my toes! He has the energy of a toddler (imagine that!) and wants to go go go! And we have been. If he's not racing up and down the house, he's rocking out in the living room, turning anything he can find into a microphone, or begging to get outside to the "eows", also known as cats.

I'm trying to fill up our calendar here in Oregon with at least three or four activities devoted to him each week. Today we went to Barnes and Noble for their weekly Toddler Time story hour, which was a blast! Lawson spent more time looking at the other kids than at the books being read, but he was in equal company with all the other easily distracted attendees and had a great time none-the-less. There is a very clean gym in town (emphasis on the clean... SO important), with a reasonably priced open gym time for little people like him that I plan on going to once or twice a week for him to let off some steam. He is a a much happier camper if we get out of the house each day and take in some sights. Sometimes that just means trips to the backyard. Unlike our backyard in Washington, my mom's yard is not a make-shift dumping ground for a torn apart upstairs, so it's nice to let him run around here without worrying about the road!

Lawson can't sit still and I am obsessed with learning about photography and photoshop tricks, so I spend every spare second I can find "studying" for my camera's impending arrival, which should be within the week!!!! In fact, I've sat down to blog several times lately and end up reading about photography instead. Obsessed, people. Obsessed. Hopefully, this new camera and all my time learning pay off in the way of some great photographs down the road. Either way, it's keeping me occupied (as if Lawson weren't doing that well-enough on his own!) and Lawson is keeping us both buzzing around like busy little (and not-so-little) bees!


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